anamed Tanzania

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Who are we?

anamed Tanzania - Is …

Contact us

If you are interested to know more about us contact us, please:

  • Dr. med Peter Feleshi, +255 784 454778, POB 10149, Mwanza
  • Philip Mateja, , PB 188, Bunda Mara, Tansania, phone +255 784 583137
  • Sansibar: Lucy , +255 758 475830
  • Maike Ettling, AICT, POB 1390, Musoma, Tanzania, , phone +255 28 2620164 or +255 784 637611

Our Aim

… is aiming at improving the health status in the community and support local people in developing self-confidence, increases their knowledge in using healing plants and also learning different ways to prevent communicable diseases including mode of transmission.

What we are doing

We are creating awareness at community level about the use of medical plants by conducting anamed seminars and treating people who are seek by using natural medicine.


participants at a seminar

All international anamed semiars are published on the website of anamed international. For national seminars contact us, please.